You can really taste the Polynesian ‘fusion’ element with all these different explosions of flavour!

We try and do everything we can to ensure our guests really get the most of their time here, that is why myself and the team have decided to create a 'Live like a Local' series in which we'll each share some of our favourite places to eat, drink, play and explore here in Queenstown. From the perspective of a local who has lived and breathed the place (we were all tourists here once so you'll get a great perspective from both sides of the aisle).

So anyway, we'll jump straight in, I'm Luke and I've volunteered to go first. Now I won't lie, Blue Kanu is one of my favourite restaurants here in Queenstown, so what better way to kick it off than a team visit to indulge ourselves yet again.

As we arrived we were greeted like old friends, you’re made to feel very welcome and relaxed straight away, with the amazing Polynesian themed decor and vibes you can easily imagine you’re on an island paradise. We started with some of their amazing cocktails, and decided as a group to go with the ‘trust the wok’ in which they serve up a selection of their favourite dishes and ended up with 4 fantastic courses, you can really see and taste the Polynesian ‘fusion’ element here with all these different explosions of flavour, followed by a delicious desert.

I’m yet to have anything other than a wonderful experience at Blue Kanu and cannot recommend it highly enough!

Thanks for reading!

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